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What ails him that made his BP to shoot up?

I accompanied my husband to FEU hospital last Monday due to high blood pressure and chest pain. He can still walk though but the reading on his BP got us both worried. Besides he was not feeling well for the past few days. He was complaining of joint and muscle pains which he dismissed as sign of aging. Despite what he feels during those days he managed to help around the house. He usually takes care of the laundry when I get too busy with some online tasks.

So off we went to the hospital. His ECG was taken and the result was normal according to the physician assigned at the hospital’s emergency room. But his blood pressure remains elevated for hours. We proceeded to our doctor for his check up. Our doctor’s diagnosis was the same as with the ER doctor. But our doctor was baffled by my husband’s high BP, so he ordered a full blood workup for him. Hubby fasted for 10 hours and underwent blood extraction at FEU yesterday (Tuesday).

A full blood workup is a complete lab test done on a patient’s blood sample to determine his CBC (complete blood count), RBC (red blood cells), WBC (white blood cell) count. The test will also check the cholesterol and glucose (for diabetes) level among other things from the blood sample taken from him.

Hubby got the result after several hours. The result was within the normal range according to our doctor except for the trace of blood in the urinary tract. Hubby was then ordered to have his ultrasound taken to check if he develops stone in the urinary tract. He is scheduled for ultrasound tomorrow at East Ave. Hospital. We’re both hoping the result will turn out well that no abnormality or presence of stone will be seen on his urinary system.

I will keep you posted for the ultrasound result.