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Tips on choosing shaving products for men

Pop quiz: Are women vainer than men? The surprising answer is no. Just because women are known to spend hours preening in front of the mirror, doesn’t mean they are the vainer sex. Men do worry about how smooth their skin is, especially their facial skin. They know well enough to impress women with clear, stubble-free skin.

Choosing shaving products isn’t nearly as foolproof as grabbing a bag of chips from the grocery aisles. You have to put some thought into choosing products for de-hairing your face, so to speak.

To help get the closest shave possible, shaving cream is your best friend. Consider your skin type when choosing which shaving cream to buy. If you have oily skin, go for a product with a mild astringent to help strip off some of the excess oil. Oily skin could lead to a clogged razor.

If your skin is dry, your best bet would be a shaving cream with moisturizers, as these help reduce your susceptibility to razor burn and unwanted nicks.

Carefully pick the scent of your shaving product. Make sure the fragrance matches that of your cologne or aftershave. It’s good to know that you now have a wider selection of scents to choose from, as most shaving products mimic the scent of popular men’s colognes.

Choosing shaving products for men need not be a huge task. Simply follow the tips above, and you’re well on your way to having a smooth chin to rub against your woman’s skin.

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