Pressies for pups

Christmas is not only for kids to enjoy, but for puppies, too!

We have a new pup and I wrote about the cute canine here. The kids are excited they want to buy something for Oreo (that’s our pup’s name) as Christmas present.

My son suggested buying Oreo an outfit. They’ve seen a store that sells clothes for dogs at the mall.

Let me see if I can find something online. A lot of cyber shops offer cyberpowerpc coupons during the holiday season. I wish to get Oreo a pair of tees.

How about you, what do you prepare for your favorite pet this Christmas?

9 thoughts on “Pressies for pups

  1. Beth

    Ang cute naman ng name ng dog nyo! Oreo!

    I knew from your posts that your hubby had a high BP, buti naman magaling na siya. 🙂 God is good!

    1. Yami Post author

      Mga kids nagpangalan sa puppy kasi yung black and white na color daw nito. aliw na aliw kami kay Oreo para namin siyang baby. 🙂

  2. niko

    lam mo ba marce yan din gusto kong name ng dog nmen ngaun? i like OREO but yena kept on calling him POTCHI.. so there we have a 1 yr old dog named potchi now 😀

    bdw marce i know u want to buy a netbook rin. meron sa gilmore 13k the lowest msi rin ata or emachines ang tatak.. you can make tawad naman eh 🙂 at maraming pagpipilian dun hihih

    ung saken eto ang price at specs
    may freebies pa sya!! hihihi

    1. Yami Post author

      Potchi, cute din na name for a dog. mas madali pa bigkasin compared sa Oreo. 🙂

      sana marami tayong opps sa payu para madaling ko mapag-ipunan ang cute na cute na netbook na yan. Nakita ko na mare, ganda nga at dami freebis. ipapakita ko yan kay neri. 🙂


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