Ergonomic table for you

Office workers who spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer normally complain of back and neck pain at the end of the day. Inactivity can also bring about obesity which may lead to several diseases. But did you know there are office fixtures particularly office tables that can address inactivity and provide healthy and productive options to workers? Ergonomic tables are designed to give the best comfort and to avoid stress or injury in the office setting.

electric height adjustable table is one of the tables from that provide healthy options and style at the same time. Their table is said to improve one’s health, helps in losing weight and gain stamina. ModTables are height adjustable. They can be lowered to just under 2 feet or raise them slightly higher than 4 feet so that you can adjust your table to suite your individual needs and comfort level.

Take note of the following health benefits of ModTables:

  • Reduce cancer risks by 30%
  • Reduce heart disease risks by 46%
  • Increase energy, productivity and stamina
  • Decrease back and neck pain
  • Corrects posture to eliminate carpel tunnel issues
  • Lose Weight. Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting

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