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My own little space

woman with laptop

Yes, I want my own space right outside my home (the same place where we dry clothes). You know a little nook where I can place one of this cute coffee tables (with drawer slides from ovis ) I saw while browsing the net this morning. The space will serve as my workstation when I feel like typing from my laptop  alfresco. This way I encourage everyone at home especially my children to conserve energy by not using electric fan.

Aside from coffee table, I can also request hubby to put a small couch beside it. I can just laze around if I want to take a brief rest from my online work.

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Health Blog

This is my official health blog now. The site intends to share simple and practical tips on how to stay healthy  at home and at work place. Simple remedy tips recommended by local health experts to prevent sickness are worth sharing. Aside from health stuff, I will also share something about swooper flags and other signages. These are proven effective campaign materials in promoting new and existing health programs especially when they are strategically displayed in public places. Colorful materials attract the attention of prospective client in the community.

To blog or not to blog

I’m posing this question to hubby dearest. After a heart to heart talk this morning, I’ve kind of convinced him to start his own blog. I think he is amenable to it since he has a lot of ideas to share. Aside from doing reviews on gadgets and his views on politics, I think I can also trust him to do alli reviews. He was once a sports buff having played basketball, lawn tennis and even golf when he was younger so anything that pertains to keeping fit is not alien to him more so with losing weight.