Be Responsible Pet Owners

In celebration of Rabies Awareness Month, the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Agriculture (DA), renew their commitment to end the rabies disease through a campaign to increase awareness about rabies prevention. The theme this year is “Makiisa sa barangayan kontra rabies, maging responsableng pet owner.” Rabies is a vaccine preventable viral disease, yet […]

Let’s have an enjoyable healthy summer – DOH

The Department of Health (DOH) today advised the public to be mindful of their health during the summer season’s flurry of activities, starting with the Holy Week observance, followed by outings, fiestas, and the like. “This year, the Holy Week signals the start of summer vacation activities, thus, we are urging the public to keep […]

Summer Diseases

Just before you pack your bags and ask yourself where can I find vehicle magnets, please read the following summer diseases and conditions that can affect one’s health: Sore eyes or conjunctivitis, when mistreated, can lead to blindness. More than just eye irritation, it can easily be due to harmful bacteria or viruses that easily […]

Summer is fun and can be disease-free

This summer, millions of Filipinos will again travel far and wide seeking fun and entertainment. Many will explore beautiful sights and experience adventure and exploits, often times unmindful of the dangers that lurk behind. The Department of Health (DOH) reminds everyone that making your summer escapades danger-proof is possible. The DOH today issued a warning […]