4 Unique Crafting Ingredients

If you’re looking for something unique and creative to blend into your next craft project, you’re in luck. There are plenty of items you can make that don’t cost much but offer plenty of color and fun. Read on for some ideas.


You might not think about incorporating feathers into your projects, but you can actually do quite a lot with them. Use colored ostrich feathers to brighten up a scrapbook page, or decorate a hat with a bright feather. You can collect feathers into a vase as a bouquet or weave them into a wreath. You might even create a framed collage of interesting feathers in various colors or sizes.

Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs may seem too run-of-the-mill to be interesting crafting ingredients, but a plain white mug provides a delightful blank slate for all kinds of decorations. You can paint them, stencil them, personalize them and even draw on them. Just be sure to use the right kind of paint and then bake your mugs to make your design permanent. You could also purchase pre-decorated mugs and use them to assemble creative gifts baskets

Flower Petals

Flower petals come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and there are countless ways you can incorporate them into craft projects. Use real rose petals to make a rose sugar bath scrub, for instance, or build a luminary out of silk rose petals, a glass vase and plastic spoons. Decoupage flower petals to create a colorful tray or arrange them in a shadowbox.


Pillow allow you to get creative in all kinds of ways. Start with a plain pillow (either purchase one or make it yourself), and glue small pom poms onto it to create a word or simple picture. Use watercolors to dye a white pillow, or stitch on felt shapes to make a colorful, 3D design. You can even customize a pillow with iron-on designs.

Craft projects don’t have to be expensive to be fun. Just try some of these simple crafting ingredients.

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