What you need to know about heart disease


Do you know that both men and women are at risk of getting heart disease? There are a lot of risk factors that both men and women may have that unknowingly can contribute to acquiring heart diseases. Most people think that men are more at risk of acquiring heart diseases because they have the tendency to get it even when they are still young but they have a better recovery rate than women. Women may get heart diseases later in life but the effect is usually more severe than in men.

There are various details that you need to know about heart disease such as the following:

Getting Enough Sleep Can Make Your Heart Healthier

If you have not been getting enough sleep lately, you may be causing your heart to feel weaker than usual. You are recommended to get about 7 – 8 hours of sleep every day in order to make your heart remain healthy. Insulin is more regulated when you get enough sleep.

Losing Weight Can Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Those who are overweight can have a higher tendency to get heart diseases. You would need to check your waistline to see if you are at risk of developing heart diseases. If in case you need to lose weight, aerobic exercises can be beneficial for you. Have a healthy diet too because this can improve your weight significantly.

Aspirin Can Help Revert A Heart Attack

Aspirin is known to block some of the chemicals that may be causing the body to feel pain. In the process, it can block thromboxane which causes the blood to clot. Drinking aspirin when a heart attack is just about to happen may significantly restore the flow of blood going to the heart.

Get to know the history of your family and see if you have some history of heart diseases so that you can take care of your health from the very beginning.

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