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Finding the motivation to lose weight

Photo taken in Nov. 2012

When you see your old photos and thought of bringing back the motivation to lose weight.

My daughter and I decided that we begin with baby steps that is to start with walking. We even bought similar sweat pants to motivate us. Well, the plan remains a plan up to this day. 😀

Music and exercise

An old friend of mine is convincing me to start walking as form of exercise. Walking has helped her to lose some pound. She said that she was able to stand walking for several minutes by listening to music from her cellphone. She started downloading music, including sounds of bugera 333xl and play them repeatedly while walking. She said her type of music gets her in the mood to exercise.

Walking for physical and mental health

My husband who will turn a year older in a few months is becoming more health conscious. He is not involved in any sports right now, but he used to play lawn tennis, basketball, billiard and even golf courtesy of his well-to-do friends and former colleague.

Lack of sports doesn’t mean that my husband lives a sedentary lifestyle like I do. He remains physically active and he walks often when opportunity allows him. He walks past the tall metal buildings in Makati on his way to work. He also takes the stairs instead of the elevator to reach his office located on the third floor. My husband said a few minutes of walk is like performing cardiovascular exercise or aerobic exercise. It helps lower blood pressure and burns lots of calories.

Hubby enjoys walking because it relaxes him physically and mentally.