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What you need to know about face mask

Curious about the right fit and quality of face mask you need to protect yourself against Covid19? Check on the image to see how each mask serves its purpose.

Image taken from Facebook. Right click on the image to view larger version

Our family is using surgical mask when going out for an errand and going to the office (for hubby). We were able to stash a few surgical masks since January when Taal Volcano spewed ashes (caused by phreatomagmatic eruption) across Calabarzon, Metro Manila, some parts of Central Luzon and Ilocos Region.

We also have two N95 masks at home but they are too uncomfortable to use. It makes breathing difficult according to hubby.

I’ve seen more people are using washable cloth mask because it’s accessible and cheaper than surgical mask which you can use only once.

Whatever mask we are wearing, what is important is we (must) exercise social distancing, wash hands frequently. And if you have no business to go out, stay at home to protect yourself and others from catching and spreading COVID19.