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Exercise to minimize menstrual cramps

Sit on the floor with the soles of your feet together and your legs relaxed so your knees droop to the ground.

Place your thumbs on your arches, wrapping your hands around your feet. Gently press and rub the tender spots on your arches for five minutes.

These pressure points stimulate your brain to produce pain-killing endorphins while dilating pelvic blood vessels to improve blood flow and flush out inflammation-triggering hormones. The same pressure on your belly would cause more pain, since those tissues are already tender and inflamed. ivillage.com

Summer workout

summer workout

You’re excited to don your newly purchased swimwear, but realized you need to trim down a bit to fit into your swimsuit. An effective workout is what you need to seriously address the extra pounds.

  • Before you enrol in any fitness program this summer, you have to consider your body system. There is fitness program that is cut for the body type that you have. A workout instructor will help you on this.
  • Try to look for a friend that is willing to be your fitness buddy.
  • Be able to have a complete detail of your exercise and diet schedule. Stick to your schedule if you must.
  • Set realistic goals to avoid crush diet and over exercise.
  • Test yourself for numerous fitness challenges, but be careful not to overdo yourself.
  • Engage in moderate exercise if you can to prevent injury and to maximize performance for a better result.

Share this if you find these tips helpful. I hope it will guide you in your mission to be fit this summer.

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Importance of exercises to women over 40

woman resting

Forty is when the time when women at this age needs to carefully look out for their health status because it is the time when there are challenges to face. Gaining weight is much uncontrollable in this stage and bones have become aged that is why it is important to know good exercises. Exercises like walking or simple stretching can improve heart function, strengthen and tone muscle, reduce the amount of stress and it can also improve your respiratory system. Some exercises are so easy to do. Focus on low intensity exercises to relieve back pains and make you more active and alert. Aerobics is one of the recommended exercise training for women 40 that have huge benefits for the heart.

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