How To Prepare For Your Mammogram

Mammograms are a regular part of an older woman’s health care routine. The process is fairly straightforward, but there are a few things you can do to prepare.

Image by Elías Alarcón from Pixabay

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule your mammogram, you will need to find a radiology facility. These places typically offer a variety of other services as well, such as MRIs or X-rays – something to keep in mind should you ever need to reach out to your chosen location in the future. A simple search for radiology in Toms River NJ or your current city will help you locate a place that makes you feel comfortable. If you have not gone through menopause, it’s best to schedule your exam the week after your period, as this is the time when your breasts are least likely to feel tender.

Bring Prior Images

If you have recently moved and are visiting this facility for the first time, bring any previous mammogram images to your appointment. You can ask to have your old images placed on a CD, which will be helpful for your new doctor to see if there are any changes.

No Lotion Or Deodorant

On the day of your mammogram, be sure not to wear any deodorant or lotion. It’s possible that these things can hide calcification or show up as a speck that is interpreted incorrectly. Depending on how much you wear, lotion can also cause your skin to be slippery, therefore making it difficult for the machine to analyze as much of the breast tissue as possible. If you wear deodorant or lotion regularly, place these items in a separate room the night before to avoid grabbing them out of habit.

Once you have found your facility, the steps you must take before a mammogram are easy. The more you go, the more comfortable you will become with this simple procedure.

Taking Care of Your Oral Health For Life

While it is true that you only get one set of natural teeth by the time you have reached adolescence, you will want to focus on maintaining your oral health for the duration of your life. It is important to work hard to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as they can be. However, there are times when you might lose your natural teeth no matter how careful you might be. This could be the result of trauma, bad gums, or simply a run of poor luck. Whatever the case might be, you still have options. Consider implant supported dentures Vero Beach FL as an example. Even if you do not have your natural teeth any longer, you still should take care of your oral health for life.

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Most people have heard of dentures. This is often seen as something that the elderly have to look forward to when they have already lost all of their teeth. The reality is that any individual can lose part or all of their natural teeth at any age. Once a natural tooth is gone, it will not grow back. However, many people are leery of dentures because they are not a permanent solution. You end up taking them out at night to clean them, and many people are nervous that they will actually fall out at the most inopportune of times.

Implants Are Secure

Implant supported dentures replicate your natural teeth. They are actually fused into your gums and they perform just like a natural tooth. In fact, others who are close to you will not even know that they are not your natural teeth unless you choose to tell them. You will brush and floss just like normal, and you will not need to take them out at night.

This is just one of the many procedures that your local family dentist can perform for you. There are so many options available today to help you maintain your oral health. You simply need to make that effort to see your dentist on a regular basis and work towards taking care of teeth, or implants, as they may be.

What To Know Before You Get Your Notary License

Notary publics have a very important role in society and act as impartial officials and witnesses. Generally, they witness people signing official and legal documents to officiate their authenticity. Every state has its own specific requirements for becoming a notary. However, most states allow interested people to go online and fill out a notary application on websites such as Below are some things to know before you decide to get your notary license.

Typical Notary Duties

The main job of a notary is to witness the signing of important documents such as mortgage closing papers, divorce papers and legal affidavits. Notary publics need to be very aware of a person’s state of mind when they are signing a document in order to gauge if they are signing under duress or not understanding what exactly they are signing. You cannot notarize a signature if you believe the person signing did not do so voluntarily.

Job Options

As a notary, you will have many job opportunities open to you. Law offices hire notaries to be part of their firm’s staff because they are needed to regularly witness the signing of legal documents. Insurance offices, title companies and many government offices also have full-time notaries on duty. Some businesses hire notaries to offer notary services to their customers for fees.

Earn Extra Income

Even though you may use your notary license to offer services at your place of employment, you can also offer your services during your free time to earn extra income. Many people need documents notarized in the evenings and on the weekends. Notaries can charge their own set fees for their services.

No matter what is going on with the economy, people will always need notaries. Earning your notary license will offer you stability in the workforce. As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration before you get your notary license. The amount you can charge for your services will depend on the state in which you are licensed. Some states have laws regarding the maximum you can charge for your services.