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5 Reasons Why Christmas Candles Put You in a Good Mood

This Christmas season enjoy the beauty and aroma of holiday candles. Enjoy the numerous benefits that candles provide. Scented candles are one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for mum this season. More than a practical way to provide light, candles bring relaxation and romance to a room, adding to your mum’s home décor. What are some of the ways that Christmas candles benefit your overall mood and health?

Beautiful Memories

Christmas candles in familiar scents like candy cane, gingerbread, and sugar cookies brings back fond holiday memories. Besides being pleasing to our olfactory glands, these comforting scents trigger pleasant neurological messaging, releasing feelings of happiness and joy. Find candles for less with popular online retailers during the holiday season. Some other popular scents for mum include evergreen, vanilla, and even chocolate.

Pleasant Ambiance

Does your mum seemed stressed, working hard to manage family and her job? Does she need a calming, relaxing atmosphere to come home to? Christmas candles provide a beautiful ambiance that creates a cozy home. The soft light gives her eyes a moment to rest from the harshness of the fluorescent lights or computer glare. Besides decorative holiday candles, invest in aromatherapy to foster relaxation.

Good Health

Our mums often burn the candle at both ends, working so hard to do their best that they forget the power of self-care and relaxation. Lighting candles produces a sense of calmness, reducing anxiety. Candles are often helpful for meditation and visualization exercises that minimize stress. Spend time with your mum doing yoga or tai chi in candlelight each day during the busy Christmas season and reap incredible health benefits.

Home Décor

Nothing says it’s Christmas like a home brimming with beautiful holiday candles, evergreen wreaths, a towering Christmas tree, and shimmering ornaments. Candles extremely versatile. Place a small peppermint candle in the bathroom to add a nice seasonal touch and reduce odor. Line your fireplace mantle with a string of matching holiday candles. Purchase an extra-large vanilla candle in the family room and enjoy hours of pleasant relaxation even during the busyness of the season. Don’t just buy any candles this for your mum. Try to find candles that suit her individual taste. Is she elegant or is she a little quirky? Does she prefer a shabby chic or perhaps she enjoys vintage candles with traditional trim?


This may go without saying, but a peppermint or gingerbread scented candle can cover a variety of unpleasant odors from children, pets, the bathroom, and garbage. Fill a bathroom with the powerful scent of peppermint or lace the bedroom with sugar cookie. There are numerous scents available at Christmas, some of which have cheerful names like Woodfire, Sparkling Cinnamon, Winter White, and Visions of Sugar Plums.

Give the gift of good health and happiness this Christmas season when you give your mum a holiday candle. Let her enjoy the countless benefits to her overall well-being. Bring her joy and Christmas cheer.

DOH: 12 stress-buster tips

In this day and age, people deal with stress through different ways. Here’s a tip or two to help you beat stress everyday.

SELF-AWARENESS develop a habit of paying attention to your expressions of thought, emotions, and behavior, knowing yourself, getting in touch with your feeling, or being open to experience, the more you know yourself, the better you are at adapting life changes that suit your needs.

SCHEDULING: TIME MANAGEMENT optimize the time available to achieve gratifying results. Use time manager application or buy some notebook organizer.

SIESTA take a nap, short rest, a break or recharge your “battery” to improve productivity. It also helps relax the mind and body muscles.

SPEAK TO ME talk to someone when you feel overwhelmed or unable to deal with stress on your own. Venting can help you unload unwanted feelings.

SOUNDS AND SONGS (MUSIC) listen to relaxing and soothing music. It can relieve depression and increase self-esteem.

SENSATION TECHNIQUES (MASSAGE) indulge yourself with a whole body massage. It helps to soothe away stress unknotting tense and aching muscles, relieving headaches and sleep problems.

STRETCHING do simple movements to loosen muscles, lubricate joints increase body’s oxygen supply.

SOCIALS engage on fruitful activities that will develop your ability to deal with other people.

SMILE smile ka naman to release stress, calm you down, make you attractive, and make someone else happy.

SPIRITUALITY devote time to connect with yourself and to God, try medication five to 10 minutes each day and pray to Him for guidance.

STRESS DEBRIEFING submit oneself to a brief crisis intervention to talk about ones feelings and reactions to the critical incident.

SPORTS engage in playing sports like basketball, tennis, etc. to clear your mind and relieve stress.


Rest and Relaxation

This season is a good time to reflect on things that we did or haven’t done  in the past year, and make amends. Holy Week is also the best time to rest and relax. Many are now probably heading towards the beach or other vacation spots in the Philippines carrying their backpacks. For those who choose to stay at home or could still be working on a project while on vacation, take time to plan a regular list of rest and relaxation activities.


Here’s a useful tip from the health and fitness experts:

  • Take a break. Plan a vacation with your family or close friends.
  • Meditate, or learn how to.
  • Talk to children.
  • Do something for other people rather than wasting time over your worries.
  • Avoid trying to do everything at once. Put your activities in an order of priority.
  • Take a warm bath at the end of a draining day.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Exercise regularly. Choose one exercise that you can enjoy. Do it frequently.
  • And take up creative hobbies – you will feel wonderfully satisfied.

*Don’t forget to reflect on the real purpose of the season.

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