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There Are Many Reasons to Invest in Insurance for Your Horse

While you may have strong feelings for your horse, a horse is something more than a mere pet. He represents a financial investment and, as a living being, he’s subject to the same injuries and illnesses as any other biological entity. When a horse does become injured or ill, the costs of caring for him can affect what services you can provide and that’s just one reason insurance is so vital.

There are actually many different kinds of insurance you should carry for your horse. Health insurance is one type and it’s often necessary, unless you feel confident you can pay out of pocket for major medical treatments. Whether your horse appears in shows, competes in races, or is simply a companion for your family, he requires ample amounts of exercise. As your horse runs, jumps, and plays, the risk of a serious injury is always present. Treatment for something as minor as a sprained ankle may require medication, medical imaging, and the wrapping of the ankle. Just basic treatment can come to hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the injury. Horse health insurance can significantly offset those costs.

Suppose the horse suffers a more serious injury or develops a terminal illness. In that case, you stand to lose a significant financial investment in addition to a beloved family companion. Maintaining horse insurance can help you and your family get through this difficult time. It can provide you with the resources to arrange for the disposal of your horse according to your family’s burial customs. Without life insurance for your horse, you may have few options in terms of how your family can say goodbye to the horse.

Finally, liability insurance is equally necessary. When your horse does have an accident, it’s very likely that it will result in property damages. It may also result in injuries to human bystanders. Liability insurance will cover the medical care of individuals injured in the accident and help pay for any property damages that occurred. By keeping insurance up to date, you can protect your horse and your family against events that may cause injuries or illnesses.

What is renal food?

For those of you who do not already know, renal failure is another phrase for kidney failure. Pets with renal failure that are given special renal diets on average live twice as long as those who aren’t fed these diets. These diets of course all vary but they have the same important ingredients.

Restricted protein in these diets reduces the amount of waste needing to be processed by the sickly kidneys and reduced phosphorus/phosphate limits the contribution towards hyperparathyroidism. Reduced sodium and an acid-base balance reduce the risk of systemic hypertension and helps prevent acidosis respectively and increased potassium and vitamin B are used as supplements. Normally there is also increased palatability and calorie content as pets with CRF (chronic renal failure) are prone to weight loss.

A good example of a renal diet is Royal Canin’s Veterinary Diet Renal. This diet has several other added aids such as Omega 3 and FOS and zeolite which all help your pet feel comfortable and not for it to change beyond recognition. Although I have never had cause to give any renal diets to my pets, this is the diet I have heard most about, both from vets and friends who have had pets suffer with CRF.

This does not mean that the others should be forgotten about. For example, I know one cat belonging to a friend of mine thoroughly disliked the taste of Royal Canin so had to be put on another diet. She now eats Hill’s k/d like there’s no tomorrow, and it works just as well as Royal Canin.

Another good brand to mention is Purina NF which, again, works just as well. I would always recommend trying out several different varieties, especially if your pet is fussy. But try to introduce each new diet slowly and with the guidance of your vet to ensure it is right for them and that your pet accepts the diet willingly. Many have made the mistake of simply plonking a new type of food in front of their pet expecting them to love it straight away, when actually patience is very much needed.

Pressies for pups

Christmas is not only for kids to enjoy, but for puppies, too!

We have a new pup and I wrote about the cute canine here. The kids are excited they want to buy something for Oreo (that’s our pup’s name) as Christmas present.

My son suggested buying Oreo an outfit. They’ve seen a store that sells clothes for dogs at the mall.

Let me see if I can find something online. A lot of cyber shops offer cyberpowerpc coupons during the holiday season. I wish to get Oreo a pair of tees.

How about you, what do you prepare for your favorite pet this Christmas?