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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

When you exchange vows, you promise to love each other until death tears you apart. As more than half of all marriages in the United States now end in divorce, you may find that other things pull you apart. Before you talk to your family and friends about your marriage problems, you can look at some clear signs that indicate your spouse is a cheater.

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Cell Phone Grip

A common sign of a cheating spouse is when you notice that the person keeps a tight grip on his or her cell phone. This is especially common among those who previously never paid much attention to their phones. You might find that your spouse frequently takes phone calls outside of the room or that he or she ignores a ringing phone but then makes an excuse to leave the room to make a call. Cheaters often put locks on their phones to keep others out too.

More Attention

Many people think that cheaters will give their partners less attention, but the opposite is actually true in a large number of cases. Those who cheat feel more confident because of the others they see. They feel so confident that they have no problem lavishing attention on their spouses. Your husband or wife might take you out on dates and buy you expensive gifts or plan fun trips out of town. Cheaters think that they can give their partners more attention and keep their cheating secret.

Changes in Behavior

When you meet someone new, you feel like you’re on top of the world. You might call for psychic love readings because you want to know if your relationship will last, and you might tell everyone you know about your new partner. As your relationship continues on though, you may find that your partner exhibits some serious changes in his or her behavior. Cheaters may take showers as soon as they get home, suddenly spend more time on their appearance and began wearing new clothing. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to talk to your spouse about what the future holds for you both.

Six months after my hysterectomy

My operation six months ago has given me a new lease of life. The doctor even said I have recovered well from the surgery. However, I’m starting to develop several signs and symptoms of menopause which I consider more debilitating than endometriosis and adenomysis because bone pain limit my body movement. I couldn’t walk far and couldn’t perform heavy household chores. Even a simple washing of dishes renders me too tired to do other tasks at home. I could sit in front of the computer to write about ez drummer but only for a short period of time otherwise I would have lower back pain and finger and knuckles joint pain. I have yet to see a doctor to address my health problem. I hope it’s nothing serious.

Summer and music

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There are a lot of local and international artists doing shows and concerts this summer. I have watched a few local concerts in the past and I truly enjoyed each performances. Without the opportunity to go to concerts in recent years I contend myself with watching old videos of my favorite artists on YouTube or listen to their songs on Spotify. But if you are a CD collector you can still buy the stuff from the music shop or if you need racks to arrange your collection you can check Listening to music and finding your old favorite songs these days is convenient through the Internet. I have checked on my fave songs and ready to listen to them when I’m resting or working online.