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Carnival rides

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Families are taking advantage of the long school vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are those who prefer to stay at home and watch movies, while others enjoy the carnivals and amusement park rides.

Visiting parks and carnival are the activities we rarely do these days. If there are opportunities to go out, you would find us at the mall, usually inside the bookstore and rarely at movie theater.  I still have qualms about allowing my kids to ride carnival and amusement park rides. How safe are carnival and amusement rides? Are those rides made of sturdy metal buildings and strong enough to hold the weight of riders?

I heard from the news that carnival operators are more cautious now in conducting regular maintenance check to different rides. A carnival operator being interviewed on TV said they have strengthened safety barriers and have double the number of attendants to check on the safety of riders before they operate.

I’m glad carnival operators have taken these measures seriously for the welfare of riders. They may be safe, but I’m still not sure if I will allow my kids to be on their own or with friends to ride carnival and amusement rides.

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Immunization Schedule for Teens and Pre-teens for 2014

Moms and Dads, please take note of the following immunization schedule for our teens and pre-teens at home. It pays to know the type of vaccines and the age they are appropriately administered. My kids are both candidates to receive some of the vaccines and booster shots mentioned here.

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How to Handle Hyperactive Kids

There are some people who find it hard to deal with hyperactive kids because they are hard to teach. People who do not know what to do will only end up being frustrated and may end up hurting the child in the process. It is important that you know these tips in order to handle hyperactive kids:

  • There are instances when being hyperactive is not psychological but environmental. This means that a kid is active because of reasons that teachers usually cannot directly ask.
  • You should let the child know that he or she is always loved and appreciated.
  • Do not yell at children who are hyperactive because they will tend to feel the need for more attention.

Remember that most of the time, hyperactive kids are not targeting the people around them. It is their way of dealing with the things that are happening to them that they cannot fathom at such a young age. Being understanding will go a long way.