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Reasons to Earn a Master’s Degree in Nursing

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While nursing is already a great and in-demand field for those interested in the healthcare industry and in taking care of others, the industry offers more variety than you might currently be aware of. Have you already earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing? If so, you’ll certainly be doing yourself a favor by attending an institution like GW University or Maryville University to earn your master’s degree in nursing. Learn more about the reasons to advance your knowledge of nursing and your ability to help others as you help yourself to a satisfying career.

More Options for Specialization

If you enjoy variety, you’ll be pleased to learn that earning a graduate degree in nursing is a perfect way to specialize in several different fields of nursing. Some of your options include pediatric care, mental health and oncology. If you’re more business-minded, GW University offers an MBA in Healthcare, which you might like to combine with a standard master’s degree in nursing to become a nurse administrator, Chief Nurse Executive or VP of Nursing.

Better Pay

Graduating with a master’s degree in nursing from a school like Maryville University is a great way for you to increase your overall earning potential. Just as earning a nursing bachelor’s degree is an excellent way to earn more than you would with an associate’s degree, the same is true of a master’s degree if you’re looking to take the next step and pay scale in nursing. Even greater is the fact that nursing is a continuously growing field, which often equals continuously growing opportunities to earn more, which could balance out the overall cost of earning a graduate degree.

Become Eligible for Certification

Is there a specific nursing certification you’d like to obtain? If so, having a master’s degree under your belt is sure to make it easier for you to earn that certification. Now you’ll have the credentials you’ll likely need for the nursing specializations mentioned above.

On a related note, a master’s degree in nursing can help to better prepare you for stricter licensing laws. While having an undergraduate degree might currently be enough to allow you to become a registered nurse, it may not be enough in the coming years. The reason for this is because the field is advancing, which means the laws and regulations for it are advancing as well. Rather than wait and see how things shake out, you’ll likely be better off getting ahead and staying ahead of the curve and the competition that goes with it.

Become a Teacher

Besides the many specializations in nursing, you also have the option of becoming a teacher, which adds even more chances to spread your wings. You can become instrumental in teaching, inspiring and seeing the next generation of nurses and healthcare professionals. See firsthand how many people share your dream and desire to improve the health of people not only here in the U.S., but all over the world.

Nursing is a career branch that splits off into several different directions. By earning a master’s degree in the field, you allow yourself to explore different careers and opportunities with ease. Improve the health of your career and your patients by enrolling in a program today.

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