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5 Reasons Why Christmas Candles Put You in a Good Mood

This Christmas season enjoy the beauty and aroma of holiday candles. Enjoy the numerous benefits that candles provide. Scented candles are one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for mum this season. More than a practical way to provide light, candles bring relaxation and romance to a room, adding to your mum’s home décor. What are some of the ways that Christmas candles benefit your overall mood and health?

Beautiful Memories

Christmas candles in familiar scents like candy cane, gingerbread, and sugar cookies brings back fond holiday memories. Besides being pleasing to our olfactory glands, these comforting scents trigger pleasant neurological messaging, releasing feelings of happiness and joy. Find candles for less with popular online retailers during the holiday season. Some other popular scents for mum include evergreen, vanilla, and even chocolate.

Pleasant Ambiance

Does your mum seemed stressed, working hard to manage family and her job? Does she need a calming, relaxing atmosphere to come home to? Christmas candles provide a beautiful ambiance that creates a cozy home. The soft light gives her eyes a moment to rest from the harshness of the fluorescent lights or computer glare. Besides decorative holiday candles, invest in aromatherapy to foster relaxation.

Good Health

Our mums often burn the candle at both ends, working so hard to do their best that they forget the power of self-care and relaxation. Lighting candles produces a sense of calmness, reducing anxiety. Candles are often helpful for meditation and visualization exercises that minimize stress. Spend time with your mum doing yoga or tai chi in candlelight each day during the busy Christmas season and reap incredible health benefits.

Home Décor

Nothing says it’s Christmas like a home brimming with beautiful holiday candles, evergreen wreaths, a towering Christmas tree, and shimmering ornaments. Candles extremely versatile. Place a small peppermint candle in the bathroom to add a nice seasonal touch and reduce odor. Line your fireplace mantle with a string of matching holiday candles. Purchase an extra-large vanilla candle in the family room and enjoy hours of pleasant relaxation even during the busyness of the season. Don’t just buy any candles this for your mum. Try to find candles that suit her individual taste. Is she elegant or is she a little quirky? Does she prefer a shabby chic or perhaps she enjoys vintage candles with traditional trim?


This may go without saying, but a peppermint or gingerbread scented candle can cover a variety of unpleasant odors from children, pets, the bathroom, and garbage. Fill a bathroom with the powerful scent of peppermint or lace the bedroom with sugar cookie. There are numerous scents available at Christmas, some of which have cheerful names like Woodfire, Sparkling Cinnamon, Winter White, and Visions of Sugar Plums.

Give the gift of good health and happiness this Christmas season when you give your mum a holiday candle. Let her enjoy the countless benefits to her overall well-being. Bring her joy and Christmas cheer.

My own little space

woman with laptop

Yes, I want my own space right outside my home (the same place where we dry clothes). You know a little nook where I can place one of this cute coffee tables (with drawer slides from ovis ) I saw while browsing the net this morning. The space will serve as my workstation when I feel like typing from my laptop  alfresco. This way I encourage everyone at home especially my children to conserve energy by not using electric fan.

Aside from coffee table, I can also request hubby to put a small couch beside it. I can just laze around if I want to take a brief rest from my online work.

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Children’s Bedroom Tips that Pass the Test of Time

We all make a simple ‘mistake’ as mothers – we decorate our children’s bedroom in a way that guarantees that we will have to hugely redecorate it within a few years. Fellow young moms know what I’m talking about: pastel pinks for the baby girls, cartoon characters surrounding the walls, a set-up that is far too ‘baby’ and not enough toddler or worse, tween or teenager. As your kid grows, so too increases their maturity level and their tastes and interests change.

If you want to invest in redecorating every few years, by all means, set-up a bedroom that is hugely focused on their age and current interests. If you want to ensure that you design a bedroom that can ‘grow’ with the kids and remains relevant no matter the age, then follow the tips below!

Pick the right wall colors


Forget about the typical pastel pink and light blue colors that we tend to pick for babies. It’s a cute color at first, but as the kid ages, they will outgrow the baby color. Instead, use a color or pattern that can pass the test of time. Light vanillas do generally well as they look clean and are a very standard wall color. Combinations of blues are great for boys as well. Another great option is to pick out a striped wallpaper (like these:, which will give you a few shades of colors to work with. These sorts of patterns can look great no matter the child’s age and can adapt to their personal style and the furniture in the room.

Buy furniture that grows with the kids

As a baby, my mother bought me a bed that could be extended with time. On the sides, you could easily put up two bars that kept me from falling as a baby and even as a toddler. Once I grew up, the bars went down into their sockets and the bed could be easily extended. That bed frame lasted me for 19 years… it was sturdy, strong, and literally grew with me. She probably saved hundreds of dollars by making that one solid purchase. These sort of furniture options are still available today and make for a smart buy.

Add personality with accessories

Instead of investing in expensive temporary furniture and paint options, you can express your kids’ personalities in their bedrooms with accessories. These are easily changed as they grow up and are not heavy on your pocket. For example, instead of irremovable stickers, hang up paintings and framed pictures or drawings of cartoon characters.  Little knickknacks can do some good as well and you can even let the kids choose them so that they can feel involved in the design process.

Use multi-functional furniture

Double-duty furniture can help you adapt to the needs of your kids as they grow up.  Instead of buying a standard changing table, purchase a desk or ideally a dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat. Once your child grows, you can remove the changing mat and use the dresser or desk: it becomes a ready-made furniture piece that your kids will need. Another smart idea is to find beds with built-in storage underneath… toys and goodies will add up throughout the years and extra storage is always useful.

The most important aspect is to always question the future: will your kids need the item 2 years, 4 years, or even 8 years down the road? If the answer is no, try to think outside the box and come up with another idea that can pass the test of time!