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My own little space

woman with laptop

Yes, I want my own space right outside my home (the same place where we dry clothes). You know a little nook where I can place one of this cute coffee tables (with drawer slides from ovis ) I saw while browsing the net this morning. The space will serve as my workstation when I feel…

Children’s Bedroom Tips that Pass the Test of Time


We all make a simple ‘mistake’ as mothers – we decorate our children’s bedroom in a way that guarantees that we will have to hugely redecorate it within a few years. Fellow young moms know what I’m talking about: pastel pinks for the baby girls, cartoon characters surrounding the walls, a set-up that is far…

Buying Items for Home Improvement

wall decals3

Isn’t it that there are some people who cannot help but feel bored with what their home currently looks like? The preferences of people are always changing although for those who already know what they want, there are just small alterations here and there. If you desperately need to change something about your house but…

For Tight Budgets, Go Cabinet Direct

If you really want your kitchen to pop, then new cabinets can make this happen. Cabinets can change a kitchens appearance, and appear more beautiful and inviting, even if you use high quality, but inexpensive cabinets from Cabinet DirectRTA. They have some of the best cabinet sets that a person could install in there kitchen,…

Home décor with health benefits

Home décor like floor fountains not only serve its aesthetic purpose, it also has natural health benefits. Floor fountains promote calmness and concentration because they somehow block off unnecessary noise inside your home. Floor fountains also help alleviate the tension in the joints and muscles. The calming effect helps those with sleeping problem at night….