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Repost: Grannies want to spend Christmas as free individuals

Old and weary.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a place to stay or relatives to welcome them with open arms. What is important for old persons, who have served more than half of their lives as inmates at the Correctional Institution for Women, is to walk as free individuals.

Some old folks who don’t have families to come home to were brought to the Home for the Aged for care.

I have met some old women inmates at the CIW when I was still with PJI.  They cried the moment they began telling their stories…I couldn’t help but cry with them too, especially when they talk about their children and how miserable their lives have become when they were sent to prison.

They’ve missed their children’s birthdays, graduation days…special events in the lives of their loved ones that they wish they were a part of…They even missed burial of their own children…so tragic, but true.

I still keep some of their photos. I’m not sure if these two grandmothers have been released from the institution. Both of them originated from the north and have been charged for drug-related offense.

If both of them have not been released yet, I hope that they will get their freedom back soon.

And if they were already reunited with their loved ones, I wish that they (relatives) have accepted them wholeheartedly so they could live the life they truly deserve as free individuals.

Photos taken by PJI photographers for People’s Tonight

Travelling Season


And what do you know, just a few more days left and it is Christmas! While most of the people I know will be celebrating it in the comforts of their homes, I know some who will be observing it away from home, in their relatives. Frequent travelling, especially by car can be very tedious and tiring when you are driving yourself. It can take a toll on you because you are tired and lack sleep. Many people realize this that is why, affordable care hire are also popular during this season. They opt to rent a car instead of driving themselves to save their energy for all the merriment that they will be attending. They get where they will be celebrating the holidays with minimal cost but full of liveliness. If you are also travelling this holiday season, check out a trusted car rental where you can find affordable vehicle for hire.

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Keep safe while celebrating the holidays

To welcome the New Year with a complete set of hands and intact limbs is a nice present to yourself and your loved ones. This holds true for people who couldn’t help but light fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate the New Year.

Recently the Department of Health issued an advisory reminding the public against the dangers of lighting fireworks and firecrackers. Under the firework-injury reduction campaign dubbed “Aksyon: Paputok Injury Reduction” or APIR (Give me five), the DOH reiterates suggestions to keep safe while celebrating the holidays.

1) Fireworks cause injuries and endanger health (Mapanganib ang paggamit ng paputok)
2) Children should not use any fireworks (Lahat ng paputok ay bawal sa bata)
3) Keep safe and away from exploding fireworks (Umiwas sa mga taong nagpapaputok)
4) Never pick used fireworks (Huwag mamulot ng mga di sumabog na paputok)
5) Seek immediate medical treatment for all firework injuries (Magpagamot kaagad kapag naputukan)

Everyone deserves to be happy and safe so don’t do anything foolish to endanger the lives of other people and yours as well. Keep safe and welcome 2012 with positive thoughts.