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Summer workout

summer workout

You’re excited to don your newly purchased swimwear, but realized you need to trim down a bit to fit into your swimsuit. An effective workout is what you need to seriously address the extra pounds.

  • Before you enrol in any fitness program this summer, you have to consider your body system. There is fitness program that is cut for the body type that you have. A workout instructor will help you on this.
  • Try to look for a friend that is willing to be your fitness buddy.
  • Be able to have a complete detail of your exercise and diet schedule. Stick to your schedule if you must.
  • Set realistic goals to avoid crush diet and over exercise.
  • Test yourself for numerous fitness challenges, but be careful not to overdo yourself.
  • Engage in moderate exercise if you can to prevent injury and to maximize performance for a better result.

Share this if you find these tips helpful. I hope it will guide you in your mission to be fit this summer.

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Exercise Routine for WAHM and SAHM

If you have been working in front of your computer for long hours then this exercise video is for you. The simple exercise routine is actually intended for office workers, but mommies like you and me can also do this at home while we are at rest from our daily chores. For bloggers, you can allot a minute or two to do this exercise so you’ll improve your energy level before you get really busy with your online activity. Health experts say it’s best to start your day with an exercise.

I got this video from one of the health conferences I attended years ago. I have not watched the entirety of this video, but now that I post it here it will be convenient for me to play this video anytime I want while in front of my computer. You can exercise whichever way you want. You can do it sitting down or standing like the man and lady demonstrators in the video.

“Time for Health” A Healthy WPRO Activity is developed by the College of Human Kinetics (CHK), University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD), Quezon City Philippines for the 51st Session of the World Health Organization, Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, Sept. 2000.


Keeping Fit without Going to the Gym

One of the misconceptions that people have when they would like to lose weight is that they would immediately have to hit the gym. This is probably the reason why so many people try to go to the gym in January although of course, the number of people would dwindle as time passes on. Remember that you can still keep fit without going to the gym. Remember that you can always do some exercises at home. All you need is a few fitness gears like weights, a mat and of course, attire that will make it easy for you to move. Aside from exercising, being active will also help you keep off the extra pounds. Remember that in losing weight, diet is still more important although you would need exercise to become firmer. A balanced diet mixed with moderate exercise will help you achieve the body you have always wanted.