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Want to be a blood donor?

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Image credit: N and People’s Tonight (June 17, 2015 issue)

Do you know that donating blood does not only benefit the recipient, but the giver as well? One great benefit of giving blood is that you help others live. You see, our blood has several components such as red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma. Each of these components is useful to someone needing them. As for the health benefits, you will be amazed to know that blood donation reduces the person’s risk to heart attack and cancer. Blood donation replenishes the blood production in the body and as a result it helps the body stay healthy and strong.

blood donation

There are foundations that sponsor blood letting project inside the mall. So if you happen to be at the mall where a blood-letting activity is taking place, you can visit them and see if you qualify to donate blood.

You can donate blood if you

  • Are in good health
  • Are between 16 to 65 years old (16 and 17 years old need parents consent);
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds;
  • Have a blood pressure between: Systolic: 90-160 mmHg, Diastolic: 60-100 mmHg; and
  • Pass the physical and health history assessments.

Potential donors are carefully screened by the Philippine Red Cross Blood Services Facilities. The screening guidelines are necessary to ensure that blood donation is safe for you and that it is safe for the person who will be receiving your blood.

*World Blood Donor Day is observed every 14th of June to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their voluntary life-saving gifts of blood. This year’s theme: “Safe blood for saving mothers“. – wiki

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The Healthy Me and A Fairy Visit

Yes, I still could not sleep. And how can I when tomorrow, err later this day will be the big day. I can’t share yet to you but it is for the benefit of my health. I am really thankful that this event came. It is something I have thought of doing but never had the courage to do so.

Another thing that is keeping me awake is the visit of a fairy. The fairy that my friends are telling me about was here a few minutes ago. Let me introduce you, The Fairy Hobmother, check him out on twitter 🙂

What is exciting about the fairy? As said, he is known by everyone I know as when he visit a blog he never fails to make the blogger smile. He is quite generous and many blogger already testified on this one. He got Fairy Overload over at Appliances Online and some fairy dust for us bloggers.

I am saying HE? for a Fairy Hobmother? Yes, Fairy Hobmother is a male person. 🙂

Nostalgia: Some Achievement

Third place, 5th AIDS Media Awards for Best News Feature on Print.With former Health Secretary Manolet Dayrit and Dr. Carlos Calica, former president of the AIDS Society of the Philippines.

This is one of the few recognitions I received when I was working. The award doesn’t mean I write so well, but it was the impact of the published story that got the attention of judges. Sa totoo lang, I owe it to my editors, they were the ones who really made the article worthwhile to read.  However, ‘di naman din gaganda ang story kundi kumpleto ang detalye. That’s the secret of my hard work. 🙂

My share for Nostalgia.