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Tips to Care For Your Church Clothes

Church is a place where people feel connected to others that share their faith. The act of going to church is a very social-conscious choice as people that meet together want to mingle, interact, and participate in uplifting events for their children and family as a whole. Part of going to church is also to look your best, so here are some tips on how to care for those church clothes which are used for special occasions such as church.

Proper Fit

Church gowns or clothing that doesn’t fit can lead to all sorts of issues. For example, choir gowns that are too long can get damaged very easily as they can scrape the ground and collect stains and unnecessary wear. Using a custom clerical decor Carteret NJ service is recommended so that you can get the choir gowns altered to fit properly as well as keep them off of the ground to keep them lasting longer.


Church clothing and clerical decor are usually made with very fine fabrics that are not made to withstand common washing machines or dryers. Instead of throwing these in your washer at home, the better thing to do is to take them to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaning is a much safer method of cleaning for fine fabrics as it prolongs the life of the fabric and doesn’t use harsh chemicals to try and keep it clean. 


The way that you store your clothing can make a big difference. For example, making sure to hang suit coats, gowns, etc. on padded hangers can help the articles of clothing to better retain their shape. Folding articles of clothing correctly can help the fabrics to not stretch or deform in storage which helps your garments looking new and fresh anytime you choose to wear them. 

Matching outfits for the fam bam and the pooch too!

Who loves to have matching pjs for the whole family and even your adorable pets? I bet you do, too. I was just browsing those cute prints from LazyOne family pajamas and could not help myself from adding the items to the shopping cart. The loungewear is so pretty, right? They are in fashion since the quarantine took effect.

Our family has been home bound since the government declared quarantine five months ago. My daughter is working from home and is comfortable wearing shirts and pajamas even in daytime. My son, on the other hand, is taking online learning classes twice a week and accepts art commission during his free time. He, too, is comfortable wearing shirts and shorts sets while doing his stuff.

Pajamas are comfortable to wear because they are commonly made of cotton materials and do not feel icky when you perspire.

Checking on their website, LazyOne also carries cute and fun socks. My daughter definitely loves a pair of printed socks. I would be happy to add two more pairs for her and myself to the shopping cart.  

I have got our pooch, a cute bandana as well. Oreo would look good wearing one in his next photo.

We have not tried any of the products from LazyOne just yet but the company touches on some good points, which I think are important before you buy from them.

According to their website, the company only works with factories that have sound environmental policies; the hangers and hang tags they use to display their products are made from recycled or recyclable paper. In addition, the company uses azo-free dyes when coloring or dyeing the fabrics.

It is good to note that pjs and socks are definitely the best gift idea for the coming Christmas season. You do not need to go to the physical shop in order to purchase them. You can all order these items directly from their website. Besides family loungewear sets, they also have something for your house. So, check them out. 

Professional Medical Style

Patients quickly respond to a positive environment in a medical office such as clean furniture and organized items on counter tops. Those patients expect to receive accurate information and to be treated with respect. You can improve your professional appearance in the office by wearing a uniform that will be recognized by your patients. Some physicians and dentists prefer to wear scrubs in the office because the patients will be reassured by a professional appearance.

lab coat


If you wear scrubs, then you can quickly change into your street clothes before you leave the office. The scrubs can be safely wrapped inside a plastic bag, which will help you to control the effects from cross-contamination. You should store the scrubs inside a plastic bag until you wash and dry those scrubs with a clothes washer and dryer. The germs from your scrubs will not be transferred to the other clothes that are in your laundry basket.

Office Style

There are many different colors of scrubs such as blue, brown, black and purple. The color of your scrubs could match your office décor. There are also scrubs that have different designs and patterns. The floral designs may not be suitable for the men who work in your office. You could pin a name tag to your scrubs or could have your name embroidered on the scrubs. The scrubs could also be personalized with the business name of your office.

Health Care Administrators

Some office environments have fewer potential risks for cross-contamination. You may want to wear a lab coat over your street clothes while you are speaking with your patients but may not want to wear scrubs because you will need to change into street clothes for your business meetings during the day. Many medical professionals store a lab coat in their office such as one of the Dickies lab coats from Scrubs Unlimited. The lab coats are a convenient solution for busy medical professionals who also have administrative duties.

Customer Service

A medical office is a business office, which is a key point for many medical professionals. You should cater to the preferences of your patients who want to be reassured and want to feel safe in your office. Scrubs can be used to convey a professional message to your patients, which will encourage them to make another appointment with you. Your style will enhance your professional image.