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To blog or not to blog

I’m posing this question to hubby dearest. After a heart to heart talk this morning, I’ve kind of convinced him to start his own blog. I think he is amenable to it since he has a lot of ideas to share. Aside from doing reviews on gadgets and his views on politics, I think I can also trust him to do alli reviews. He was once a sports buff having played basketball, lawn tennis and even golf when he was younger so anything that pertains to keeping fit is not alien to him more so with losing weight.

Tech Blog

My husband is going to start his own blog and it’s a tech blog.  He is a wide reader and often updated on the latest gadget and technology news. I told him it’s about time to have his own blog where he can pour his ideas and insights about the latest trend in technology. We’re both excited about it. For a start, I gave him keywords to write and he delivers well. We are still planning on what to name the new site and have yet to contact my dear friends who will help us in domain registration and hosting service. We may also need the expertise of our designer friend to beautify the future site. Aside from gadgets, hubby can also contribute something about car insurance and where to get them if you need one. I hope you’ll also extend your support to his future blog just as you support this blog and my other sites. Thank you all in advance my friends. 🙂

Previous Work Information

I’ve been writing health stories even before I was absorbed by PT in 2000. Health beat was one of the assignments given to me by PJ when I was starting with them. PT and PJ, by the way are sister companies. When I started my first blog, Mom Writes for a Cause, the intention was to share some of my exclusive stories published by PJ and PT back then. The stories I wrote are not really earth-shaking stuff. I remember I wrote something about the importance of securing health insurance or health card by indigent patients. This may sound trivial to others, but there are certain groups that may find the information useful. How I wish I could also write about cheap car insurance quotes, but that would fall under the business beat which is not my turf.

I was able to published some exclusive stories at Mom Writes for a Cause and then in my other blogs Sketches (used to be Yam’s Files), and then Yam’s Files. I’m not sure if I can still publish the other stories in toto maybe I can rewrite and update some information if needed. For now, I want to try to make Mum Writes Health Stuff a niche blog or a health blog, whatever you may call it. One health information (mostly health issues that I can or my family relate to) at a time.