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Camping 101: 3 Health Benefits of Camping

Those who enjoy camping know all the health benefits they receive from their retreat to the outdoors. It is a relatively inexpensive getaway that also offers visits to scenic locations such as beaches, mountains, parks and resort towns. If you are considering giving camping a try, here are three health benefits you can expect from the experience.

Photo by Chris Holder on Unsplash


Getting away from your normal routine to a campground Navarre gives your body a chance to unwind and do different daily activities for a while, whether relaxing or going on adventures. Time spent with your loved ones during the trip reduces your stress levels and gives your body a chance to relax and recuperate. Any outdoor activity you choose will get your heart rate going and increase your body’s serotonin level that will help you sleep better at night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.


Camping gives you dedicated time away with people you love, which is especially important if you have a busy job that keeps you away from home a lot. During the trip, if you have children, they will spend less time on their electronic devices and more time interacting with you while you all enjoy exploring the area, hiking, biking or boating. You will be creating memories and photos that will be cherished in years to come and will perhaps come back with a funny story or two to re-tell in the future.


Going on a camping trip helps your mind unwind from your job’s typical daily demands or those of your home life. Being outside with loads of sunshine and fresh air in a scenic location may lift your spirits. Any physical outdoor activities you do will increase your body’s level of endorphins, which naturally boosts your mood.

So give camping a try if for no other reason than the physical, emotional and mental health benefits you will get from your time in the outdoors.

Puppy Training Tips

Training a new puppy is a time-consuming hassle, but it’s definitely worth it. Good dogs aren’t just born, they are taught. Before you get a dog, examine your commitment to its training. Dogs and their humans are generally happier when expectations are clear.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Expect Destruction

Just as babies like to put everything in their mouths, puppies also like to chew, and they have much sharper teeth. Whether you buy certified German Shepherd puppies or adopt mixed breeds of unknown origin, puppies are likely to chew up and possibly destroy whatever they can. Puppy proof your house by providing a safe space such as a crate or utility room where your puppy can be a puppy. Provide lots of chew toys for stimulation.

Keep It Simple

Choose a few simple commands to start with such as sit and no. Dogs are not born with a facility to understand human language (like babies are), so they need lots of practice and reinforcement. Choose small, delicious treats (such as cooked chicken) that you can give liberally when your dog is doing what you want. Avoid crunchy biscuits for training because by the time your pup is finished chewing, he will have forgotten why he got the reward in the first place.

Stop Laughing

It’s difficult not to laugh when your dog is being silly, but if you’re in the middle of a lesson, try not to. Bad behavior is often reinforced accidentally by the mannerisms and behavior of the human companions. For example, if you don’t want your dog to sleep on the sofa when you’re at work, don’t put “his” blanket on it. In your mind, you may be keeping the furniture clear of dog hair. In your dog’s brain, you’ve invited him up.

If you don’t have lots of time to train your pooch, consider enrolling in an obedience class. That way you’re both committed to at least that hour of training every week.

Tips to Care For Your Church Clothes

Church is a place where people feel connected to others that share their faith. The act of going to church is a very social-conscious choice as people that meet together want to mingle, interact, and participate in uplifting events for their children and family as a whole. Part of going to church is also to look your best, so here are some tips on how to care for those church clothes which are used for special occasions such as church.

Proper Fit

Church gowns or clothing that doesn’t fit can lead to all sorts of issues. For example, choir gowns that are too long can get damaged very easily as they can scrape the ground and collect stains and unnecessary wear. Using a custom clerical decor Carteret NJ service is recommended so that you can get the choir gowns altered to fit properly as well as keep them off of the ground to keep them lasting longer.


Church clothing and clerical decor are usually made with very fine fabrics that are not made to withstand common washing machines or dryers. Instead of throwing these in your washer at home, the better thing to do is to take them to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaning is a much safer method of cleaning for fine fabrics as it prolongs the life of the fabric and doesn’t use harsh chemicals to try and keep it clean. 


The way that you store your clothing can make a big difference. For example, making sure to hang suit coats, gowns, etc. on padded hangers can help the articles of clothing to better retain their shape. Folding articles of clothing correctly can help the fabrics to not stretch or deform in storage which helps your garments looking new and fresh anytime you choose to wear them.