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My own little space

woman with laptop

Yes, I want my own space right outside my home (the same place where we dry clothes). You know a little nook where I can place one of this cute coffee tables (with drawer slides from ovis ) I saw while browsing the net this morning. The space will serve as my workstation when I feel like typing from my laptop  alfresco. This way I encourage everyone at home especially my children to conserve energy by not using electric fan.

Aside from coffee table, I can also request hubby to put a small couch beside it. I can just laze around if I want to take a brief rest from my online work.

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Travelling Season


And what do you know, just a few more days left and it is Christmas! While most of the people I know will be celebrating it in the comforts of their homes, I know some who will be observing it away from home, in their relatives. Frequent travelling, especially by car can be very tedious and tiring when you are driving yourself. It can take a toll on you because you are tired and lack sleep. Many people realize this that is why, affordable care hire are also popular during this season. They opt to rent a car instead of driving themselves to save their energy for all the merriment that they will be attending. They get where they will be celebrating the holidays with minimal cost but full of liveliness. If you are also travelling this holiday season, check out a trusted car rental where you can find affordable vehicle for hire.

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Things to Add to Your Wish List That Will Help Your Health

As the holiday season approaches, a lot of us make resolutions about what we’ll do to improve our health in the New Year. It’s also the time of year when people are asking what’s on our wish lists. Better health means less money spent on doctor’s appointments and days off from work, so why not add a few things to thatwish list that inspire you to get in shape even once all of the holiday desserts are polished off?

Magazine Subscription. It’s not that magazines like Self, Shape and Men’s Health always have the best advice or lifestyle solutions that work for everyone, but just having regular reinforcement throughout the year about developing healthy habits and the benefits of eating well and exercising consistently can make it that much easier to stick with a plan.

A pedometer. A pedometer will count how many steps you are taking whenever you wear it, and even if you start small, setting goals about moving more often will help you make exercise a reality every day.

A gym membership. A gym membership can be pricey and it’s understandable that you might not want to commit to it right away, especially if you’ve joined and quit in the past. However, it’s the perfect gift to ask for since you’ll probably get more use out of it than another sweater or scarf!

Workout DVDs. Don’t want to leave the house for the gym in the winter? Take a look through Amazon’s extensive catalogue of workout DVDs and add a few that you think you’ll really use to your list.

An mp3 player.Once you have all your music in one easy place, you’ll want to listen to it as much as you can,and there’s no better time to do that than on a long walk around the neighborhood.

Staying healthy can be fairly difficult, but with an online health care management degree you can learn the skills needed to keep yourself and others healthy.