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5 Reasons why you Should Choose Egg Donation in Spain

Spain is one of the most frequently chosen egg donation destinations. On average, Spanish clinics perform 10,981 IVF with donor eggs cycles per year – that is almost half of all egg donation cycles in Europe! However, the most important thing is that most patients come home very satisfied with their treatment. We have decided to choose only 5 out of the many reasons why so many patients opt for IVF with egg donation in Spain. So sit back and read on!

Proven effectiveness of egg donation treatment in Spain

First things first – are you aware of the many variables that have an influence on the effectiveness of egg donation? The success of treatment depends on various factors, including your age and reason of infertility, your donor and most importantly the quality of her eggs, the experience of your doctor and medical team and the clinic and its facilities.

Generally, egg donation is much more effective than IVF with own eggs, especially for women over 35 years of age. The success rates in Spanish IVF clinics are pretty high. The average for fresh egg cycles is 58% with the rates varying from 43% to 75% depending on the clinic. Egg donation with frozen eggs is slightly less successful, although the difference is trifling. The success rate range for frozen cycles is from 38% to 73% with an average of 53%.

Another great thing is that you don’t have to wait long for your treatment! Short waiting times and proven treatment effectiveness are without doubt a very positive aspect of egg donation in Spain.

Cost of IVF with egg donation in Spain

Spain is not the cheapest place for IVF with egg donation but you definitely get your money’s worth. You can count on high standards, international medical teams and comprehensive care. Average prices for egg donation in Spain vary so it is hard to pinpoint the average. However, you shouldn’t expect to pay less than 5,000 EUR for your treatment. In some IVF centers prices go up to 9,000 or even 10,000 EUR, although most commonly one cycle costs approximately 7,000 EUR.

What makes it even harder to calculate the average price is that clinics often include, or better said don’t include, different factors in their headline prices. So keep your wits about you when searching for a clinic and make sure to check what the price comprises of and if you will have to pay for any additional services. One of the things that is often left out from headline prices is the cost of necessary medications, which can sometimes mount up to even 1,000 EUR.

High standard of IVF clinics and experts

Spain has 198 IVF clinics. In 2009 as much as 109 of them were reporting to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), which is definitely a credibility booster. As far as standards of the clinics and facilities are concerned, there is nothing to worry about. Spain is a safe and good choice for patients seeking various types of medical treatment, including egg donation.

Spanish hospitals and clinics are modern and, in the majority of cases, kept spotless. They boast some of the most highly trained specialists, including fertility experts. Each and every respectable clinic has a

well-trained and experienced medical team. Another great aspect is the fact that by law spanish clinics have their doors open for virtually anyone seeking egg donation treatment, regardless of religion or sexual orientation.

Great location

Spain is located in Southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, sharing borders with Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco, France, and Principality of Andorra. It is the second largest country in Europe after France and one of the most mountainous. The country has a mild climate and is loved for its beautiful and hot weather during the summer months. However, to cut down the overall treatment cost it is best to travel during the off-peak season.

In the hour of cheap flights probably the best way to get to Spain is by plane. The country has several dozen airports with connections to many distant locations. Since most egg donation clinics are located in large cities it is usually not very complicated to get from the airport to your clinic. However, if you’re not a fan of flying you can always take an international train, bus or drive to your fertility center.

Many popular tourist attractions

Spain is visited by more than 65 million tourists each year – impressive, don’t you think? What’s more, there’s not one, not two but countless reasons why the country is such a popular holiday destination. Spain has something for everyone – diverse landscape, beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, architectural monuments, museums and galleries, many World Heritage Sites, cosy villages and busy cities.

The country also boasts a very interesting history and a fascinating, family orientated culture. The people are warm, friendly and open-hearted. And, of course, Spain wouldn’t be itself without the vibrant nightlife, mouthwatering food and tasty wines.

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Best Ways To Stay Younger For Longer

beauty sleep

There are many ways to stay looking and feeling younger for longer, and many are not as complicated as you may think. Whilst there are many pharmaceuticals, creams and lotions available promising the gift of younger skin and anti-aging affects, many ways for a healthy and young glow are completely free. And by using a combination of top techniques, you can easily roll back the years and look your age, and possible even younger.

If you’re looking for simple life changes that you can make to help you stay younger then a top tip is to get more sleep. During our twilight hours the body does most of its growth hormone releasing and cell repair work. If you’re not getting enough sleep and are constantly tired, your body will also show signs of tiredness. Stress is also another important factor, and can have a huge affect on your look especially if it is stopping you from sleeping. Your nervous, digestive and immune systems can all be affected by high levels of stress, and you should try and ensure you have so down time so you can fully relax.

There is also a range of life choices that you can make that will help you stay looking younger for longer. Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is paramount to keep flexibility and better functioning organs. Cutting out the cigarettes will roll back the years significantly, whilst limiting your alcohol intake can offer fresher and healthier skin. Meanwhile, using sun cream even when it’s cloudy is a good idea, as sun damage causes aging spots, wrinkly and leathery skin, and blotchy pigmentation all of which will age you.

Cosmetic surgery can also help you stay younger for longer, and by utilising skilled surgeons you can ensure that any work received simply enhances the beauty that you naturally have. Organisations such as the Hospital Group are highly skilled in offering top quality consultations and surgery, and whether you’re looking for cosmetic changes, laser hair removal or weight loss options, surgery can be ideal. Dental treatment in particular is a great way of looking younger, and by offering a white and shiny smile, your complexion will take on an entirely new glow.

Surgery can sometimes seem extreme, but even simple procedures such as hair removal or Botox can have significant effects on how you look. Increased hair on the face can age you dramatically, with the removal of hair instantly providing a smoother and younger looking complexion. Meanwhile, whilst you may have seen some of the worst Botox cases, small amounts of its use can reduce wrinkles and aging lines without the forced expressions that have negatively influenced the sector. And, like with any surgery, whilst some take it to the extreme, you can use Botox in a subtle way to make your younger look as natural as possible.

Some of the best ways to stay younger use a combination of both life changes and treatments. Getting more sleep, reducing your stress and becoming healthier will offer your body the best way to become fit. And by using treatments or surgeries to eradicate some aging features, you’ll look younger in no time at all.

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Hand Strength for Musicians


There are instances when musicians find a hard time trying to play their favorite instruments after not playing for a long time. People who do not use their hands often do not really have much hand strength after some time. In order to maintain this, what can be done is to make sure that the musician has the right tool to still maintain his hands’ strength even when he is out of practice. Tools that can be used are evolution 7 that can be used anytime. It might be more advisable to set up a certain time when the musician is going to use the aid. It will help a lot.

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