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Safe Halloween Make-up for Kids

One of the exciting parts of the Halloween party is the face painting session. The scary look that you want to achieve depends on the creativity and application of make up. However, be careful in using costume make up and store-bought face paint kit as it may cause allergy to children. So, instead of commercial make up, you can mix home-made face paint using non-toxic ingredient found in your kitchen. This is safe and easy to do.

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If you want to achieve aged grey hair and white skin you will need:

1 tsp corn starch
1/2 tsp water
1/2 tsp cold cream
2 drops food coloring as desired

Mix all ingredients together well and apply.


Apply a bit of hair gel or slick conditioner where you want to make grey hair, and then dust on some baby powder. To make a ghostly pale complexion, apply cold cream to skin then carefully dust on pale face powder or baby powder. Be sure to avoid inhaling powder during application – use a small amount of powder and a cotton ball to dab on gently.

Remember to dispose of leftover face paint after you use them.

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The Different Benefits of Healing Gems

A lot of people do not know that gemstones can be beneficial too. Some think that gemstones are mere accessories that can make outfits look better but some crystals are known to heal different types of conditions. In order to make them effective, you would have to make sure that you put in the different crystals and semi precious stones in attractive necklaces. Once you realize the healing effects that the stones can give, you cannot help but love these necklaces. Do remember to read up about the different effects first so that you are sure what you would like to put as part of your necklace.

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