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I’m no longer obese!

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My current BMI (Body Mass Index) is 27.1. I’m still overweight and still look big but at least I’m no longer obese. Yay! I have passed that harrowing stage (haha). Thanks to exercise and moderate food intake. The normal BMI level is 24.

I hope to be able to drop off 5 kilograms more before my 43rd birthday this year. 🙂

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Being overweight runs in the family

I keep reminding my daughter to be careful of what she eats and take time out to exercise if she doesn’t want to end up big like me or her grandma. I told her that she can do a lot of things if she is physically fit. Since I started an exercise regimen six months ago I no longer feel tired at the slightest household chore that I do every day. I can move a sofa from one corner of the house to the next without getting tired. For me exercise is like the best Seymour Duncan Pickups that fine tune the guitar, exercise makes the person fit and healthy (excuse the poor analogy). I can enumerate the benefits of exercise, but my daughter can start with simple stretching and walking.