Monthly Archives: December 2012

Weight–loss plateau

Have you experienced a weight-loss plateau? I guess I may be experiencing one right now. Weight-loss plateau is a “period of time during which your weight remains at the same level”. I exercise almost every day and eat moderately, but my weight remains the same for two weeks now. I’ve been trying different exercises to prevent weight loss-plateau or worse weight gain, but afraid my efforts will be useless. I don’t want to regain all the pounds I’ve lost in the past months; I could bend concrete blades if I could just to avoid backsliding on my exercise habits.

No more headaches

I have to deal with this persistent headache the other day which lead me to lie in bed for several hours. I don’t know if its due to lack of sleep or the food I ate that day that caused the throbbing pain in my head. Migraine surgery is not an option as I don’t suffer from severe migraine. Some pain reliever medicine does the trick for me. It has somehow eased the pain for a while.


I attended a group exercise class courtesy of C-lium at ‏Fitness First ABS-CBN last Saturday. The workout, called Bodyvive, is a low impact 55-minute group exercise suitable for all participants especially beginners. We used balls and resistance tubes during the workout. The uplifting songs would really drive you to dance as our friendly instructor guides us throughout the activity.“Bodyvive integrates aerobic exercise for heart fitness, resistance training for strength and stability, stretching as well as mobility workout.”

It’s a different experience for me but I felt energized after the class. I felt I could do anything even learn the best table skirting skill on that day. I hold a 3-day guest pass, so that gives me two more classes to look forward to. I hope the rest of C-lium ambassadors can join next time.