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Free downloadable audio books for busy mums

In this day and age, women tend to be busier than before. With all the family and career strain mothers carry daily, it reaches a point whereby a bit of relaxation is needed. To make this an effective rest period, one can decide to work out, read a book or even listen to their favorite musical piece. For those who love reading as their hobby, downloading books online can be a great help. There are usually free downloadable audio books, too, which you can listen to from the comfort of your home or workplace. These forms of relaxation work wonders to anyone ready to indulge in them.

Slowly but surely

13 pounds lighter! 🙂

This was taken last Sunday (Oct. 21, 2012)

I was a hefty person three months ago. But with the help of an online weight loss challenge, I gradually lost an estimated 13 pounds. I’m still big, but my family and friends can see the big difference now. I’m happy with what I have gained so far without resorting to any medical intervention.

My family’s support counts a lot to keep me motivated. I’m religiously following a cardio and toning exercises (which I downloaded from the net), but stay on the modified version of the exercise (to keep me alive haha!).

The fitness instructor’s voice is loud enough (even without using a mic) to help me stay focused.

I’m enjoying level 2 of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred so far.

Hairpieces and Men’s Wigs Made Especially for You

Hair loss is one of the main problems of men right now. Hair is considered a person’s crowning glory and losing it can make people feel somewhat insecure. While it is true that there are various headpieces that can be bought for cheap prices, there is always a possibility that they will not look natural.

Sometimes, purchasing hair growers will only frustrate people because they do not work. One great solution is to find a custom made hair piece that has been made exclusively for the person who is going to wear it. If you would like to have your hair piece custom made then you do not have to look any further because you can check out the link provided here.

The great thing about this site is that it has managed to think about everything that a person would be concerned about when he is choosing hair that will fit not only his face but his lifestyle. There are different things that people can choose from such as texture, color and even the styles of hair that are not that common when you purchase pre-made mens wigs from stores. The website is also very user friendly so it would be easy to check out the different categories of the page. It will be easy to check if the site has all the things that you need to have the perfect hair piece.