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The Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that all work and no play makes one dull. And being dull is the last thing anyone would want to be, I reckon. Other than being dull, if all you do is work all day and night, you will sooner or later feel your body paying the price for it. Your immunity will eventually start failing you, and every imaginable form of illness will most likely set in.

What you should do is occasionally take a break and go on a vacation. If you have the money for it, go book yourself and your family in one of those swanky Disney World hotels.

If you’re a little strapped for cash though, don’t let it stop you from getting that much-deserved vacation. Nowadays, there’s what’s called a “stay-cation”. You can simply spend a day or two just lounging around your backyard with a glass of icy lemonade in hand. Immerse yourself in that paperback you’ve been longing to read for the longest time.

When your body takes a breather from the humdrum and stresses of daily life, you feel more rejuvenated, and in effect, are more able to take on the challenges of your work. So, don’t deprive yourself of a break. Take it, before your body screams for mercy.

Battling cough

I’m nursing a bad case of cough since last week. I have no idea how I got the bug, but it’s in my system for a few days now. I feel heavy on the chest and my head is throbbing each time I cough. I’m already taking my medicine and hope to get better after a few more days. I’m sleeping on a separate area of the house to ensure that none of my kids will be affected by the virus.

The sudden change in weather from humid to cold is the primary culprit for the seasonal cough and cold. We don’t have an outdoor thermometer to check on the temperature outside, but it’s surely cold that we can’t go out in the morning without our sweater on.

I’m taking a lot of hot soup lately, but still not getting enough rest because I’m also beating some deadlines here.

When to start using anti-aging treatment

For women who are not conscious of how they appear, whether or not to apply an anti-aging cream is not a big problem for them. But, for women who make cleansing, toning and moisturizing their skin an everyday ritual, they know when to start looking for anti-aging treatment. The first sign of fine lines on their forehead, laugh lines and crow feet will surely make them jump off their feet and slowly admit to themselves that resorting to anti-aging light therapy/treatment is necessary to ward off early signs of aging.

If you can afford it, you can always try the first line of protection against wrinkly skin or even before the first sign appear. But if you are creative enough there are skin care home remedies that are made from natural ingredients to keep you young and healthy. Wrinkles are part of a natural aging process, so it is best to treat it the best way we know natural.

When we say natural this means including fruits and vegetables in our diet; drink plenty of fluid everyday to flush toxins and rehydrate our skin; avoid alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes; wear or use proper gear to protect our skin from excessive exposure to the sun; wash your face with soap containing natural ingredients; and never sleep with your makeup on. Simple and easy to do, right?