Monthly Archives: January 2012

A new set of fixed bridge

I had my first non-removable fixed bridge installed in mid 1990s. I had it replaced nine years later after the first one broke off. The second set was a lot cheaper, so I guess the quality was not as good as the first one. I enjoyed it for a few years until I accidentally bit something hard in my food. I had a new one installed last year. I love this new set because they look a lot natural.

The only thing I worry about having a fixed bridge is that I should be more careful with my food intake. I make sure that the steamed rice is free of little stones which when accidentally bitten can chip off the bridge crown. I would care less if the replacement is free or at least I can avail another set through an individual dental insurance like the one being offered by

I’m not sure if there is one being offered locally, but if we do have the same dental insurance here, I could save a big sum from checkup, cleaning, or even filling. It’s a wise decision to secure some dental insurance for the whole family.

Simple remedy for acne

Acne is a common problem among teenagers and adult women. But did you know that an aspirin in liquid gel form is a good remedy for acne. Some experts call liquid gel formulas as pimple fighter because it zaps the ugly pimple head right away. Those in the fashion world especially makeup artists have been using aspirin liquid gel on models to cover the skin flaw. The gel cap helps the swelling pimple subside fast.

Note: Consult with your dermatologists before applying anything on your face.