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Maintain the right weight

My 11-year-old son is growing up so fast. I guess he has grown three to four inches in less than one year. And he’s got a big appetite, too. Sometimes I remind him to just take it easy or he’ll get indigestion if he eats too much.

Growing up kids need to eat the right kind of food in the right amount to maintain the right body weight.

Health experts say that people of any age (whether you are on yok3d or not) look better and live longer if they are on the right weight. The appropriate weight will be based on one’s age, height and build.

Walking for physical and mental health

My husband who will turn a year older in a few months is becoming more health conscious. He is not involved in any sports right now, but he used to play lawn tennis, basketball, billiard and even golf courtesy of his well-to-do friends and former colleague.

Lack of sports doesn’t mean that my husband lives a sedentary lifestyle like I do. He remains physically active and he walks often when opportunity allows him. He walks past the tall metal buildings in Makati on his way to work. He also takes the stairs instead of the elevator to reach his office located on the third floor. My husband said a few minutes of walk is like performing cardiovascular exercise or aerobic exercise. It helps lower blood pressure and burns lots of calories.

Hubby enjoys walking because it relaxes him physically and mentally.

A Fab Birthday Gift for Me!


I’ve got an early birthday gift from Marce Kaye! It’s here!!

Do you like it? She got me this new dress for my blog in time for my birthday this month! Isn’t she sweet? Five of my blogs have her signature blog design now. What more can I say. This is just a fab birthday gift for me! Thanks Kaye! 🙂

You can check out all her cool Blog designs here.