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List of Attitudes of Persons Who Are High Risk for Burnout

Take note of the following tell tale signs, you could be experiencing some of the symptoms now.

1. Very accommodating and have difficulty in saying no.

2. Overly concerned for minor tasks while neglecting important ones.

3. Super human attitude – doing everything, less delegation.

4. Very high standards set for the self and others.

5. Self blame.

6. Overly defensive attitude.

7. Easily upset over minor irritants

8. Keep things to self without emotional ventilation.

9. Impatient with others.

10. Low tolerance of ambiguity.

11. Very rigid, low tolerance of other people’s mistakes.

12. Does not accommodate ideas of others, believes only that his/her ideas are correct.

Source: DOH website

Penguin walk

Its crazy but I feel like a penguin whenever I walk (now you’re starting to imagine how penguins walk LOL). The culprit —  sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity. I’m sitting most of the time and my legs bear the pressure when I walk.  My family and friends always encourage me to take time to do some stretching for a few minutes everyday if I can’t afford twice or thrice-weekly exercise sessions. I know they mean well and I welcome their suggestion, but I can’t easily shake off this bad habit (lack of activity). I wish I could just buy electric muscle stimulator that I can put on my back, legs or my tummy area without leaving my computer. But will it make a good replacement for exercise? What do you think?

My mom used to work in a tobacco company

My mother has always had fond memories of her former job at the packaging section of a tobacco company in Manila. She started working in the department several years before she met my father. The job was not that easy but she coped well through the help of her co-workers who later became her best buddies. She was thankful that they were willing to help a newbie like her familiarize her job which include sorting of imported-quality cigarettes (I’m not sure if gurkha cigars were included). The products were shipped overseas. My mom said the cigarettes the company was manufacturing were one of the popular brands during those times. She also had her share of not-so-good memories at her workplace, but that would be a different story altogether.