Monthly Archives: February 2011

My Work Area

This is my work area while at the hospital. I had an ample time to finish some tasks while my sick kids are fast asleep.

Artificial or Natural

If you are seriously thinking about losing weight which one will you go for, artificial or natural? If you go for natural means of losing weight, you know what this means. You have to cut down on food rich in salt, sugar and fat. On the other hand, if you want to shed unwanted fats the easy way, there are diet pills that you can try provided they are approved and registered by the Bureau of Food and Drugs and that you seek medical advice before you take any pill to lose weight.

To blog or not to blog

I’m posing this question to hubby dearest. After a heart to heart talk this morning, I’ve kind of convinced him to start his own blog. I think he is amenable to it since he has a lot of ideas to share. Aside from doing reviews on gadgets and his views on politics, I think I can also trust him to do alli reviews. He was once a sports buff having played basketball, lawn tennis and even golf when he was younger so anything that pertains to keeping fit is not alien to him more so with losing weight.