Monthly Archives: December 2010

Stamp collector

William, my former editor is a stamp collector. He is into buy and sell of stamps and other collectible items online. I remember him trading or buying rare stamps when we’re still officemates.

From his site (, I learned about various kinds of stamps. There are the world’s famous stamps, the most expensive stamps, kids’ favorite Hello Kitty and Doraemon stamps, and various anime characters. And don’t be surprised, even Pinoy’s favorite heroine Darna and other characters given life by director Carlo Caparas through his comics stories were available in souvenir stamps.

While William is into this kind of business, I wonder if he ever thinks of adding gold coins to his collections. Will he buy gold online? I read somewhere that gold is a good investment because it protects ones money from currency devaluation. I’ll ask William about it next time.

Healthcare IT jobs

A friend of mine who recently graduated from nursing school shared that a lot of her nursing friends are jobless.  She said her friends have applied to work abroad, but jobs overseas require them to get additional hospital training to qualify for the position. Problem is even training schools/hospitals here are limited to accommodate them.

With the recent suspension of nursing courses by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) due to oversupply of nurses, the problem of joblessness in the nursing profession is seen to intensify in the coming months.

The Philippine government is encouraging students to take up alternative courses and for those who graduated from nursing school to shift to healthcare it jobs such as become pharmacy systems analysts. This will still give them the opportunity to work in a hospital setting.

Smallest waist

Do you know the woman who holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist?

She is Cathie Jung, 73, and lives in Mystic, Connecticut, USA. Her waist is about the size of a regular jar of mayonnaise or diameter of CD.

Cathie began wearing corset in 1983. She wears them 24 hours a day, everyday. Her waist measures 15 inches.

Tight-lacing is the process of using a corset to achieve extreme waist reduction and modification of the shape of the torso. For tight lacing to be effective a corset must be worn 22-24 hours per day.