Exercise equipment

I love watching home tv shopping every night especially when the hosts are presenting the latest household products and kitchen appliance. The items presented are the ones that I really need at home. In fact, I was able to purchase two items from the home shopping company and I’m really satisfied with the products. Last night, they introduce a different product, this time it’s an exercise equipment. The equipment is easy to use and appears effective in helping someone lose weight. I would like to invest on this item if budget permits. I’m also checking their website for a recording pack as hubby might need one very soon.

Importance of exercises to women over 40

woman resting

Forty is when the time when women at this age needs to carefully look out for their health status because it is the time when there are challenges to face. Gaining weight is much uncontrollable in this stage and bones have become aged that is why it is important to know good exercises. Exercises like…

Medicinal Plant: Ulasimang Bato (Pansit-Pansitan)

pansit2b blur

We are actually growing Ulasimang bato in our front yard. I thought it was just an ordinary type of grass that should be weeded out until neighbors started requesting for them to “cure” certain ailments. Here are the benefits of Pansit-pansitan according to the Department of Health.

Why should we worry about small wounds?

minor wound

Those seemingly innocent- looking wounds should not be ignored particularly if you got the wound from a firecracker burn or explosion. Time and again, government health officials are reminding the public to be wary of small wounds or scratch from a firecracker and fireworks that accidentally exploded. Small wounds can cause tetanus infection. The incubation…

Children’s Bedroom Tips that Pass the Test of Time


We all make a simple ‘mistake’ as mothers – we decorate our children’s bedroom in a way that guarantees that we will have to hugely redecorate it within a few years. Fellow young moms know what I’m talking about: pastel pinks for the baby girls, cartoon characters surrounding the walls, a set-up that is far…