Joint Statement on the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Recommendations to Advance Adolescent Health

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC), the committee tasked to monitor Philippine compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in its 2022 Concluding Observations during the 91st Session, considered the issues that we raised in our joint NGO submissions and other interventions and urged the Philippine Government to, among others, ensure adolescents’ access to modern contraception, confidential testing and HIV treatment without parental consent, ensure Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools, address sexual violence, and the review of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act. For the first time, the UN CRC urges the Philippine Government to legalise abortion and ensure access to abortion and post-abortion care services for adolescent girls. We commend the UN CRC for issuing strong and robust recommendations to advance adolescent health in the country and reiterating the Philippine Government’s human rights obligations to ensure the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of children particularly adolescents.

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In August 2022, twelve (12) child rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights organisations submitted an NGO alternative report on the status of adolescents’ reproductive rights. In the alternative report, we requested the Committee to issue similar recommendations on adolescent health to the Philippine Government. Following the review, the UN CRC adopted the present concluding observations and recommendations to the Philippine Government on the area of Adolescent Health as follows:

  • Adopt a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health policy for adolescents and ensure sexual and reproductive health education at school, with special attention to preventing early pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS and on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Ensure that adolescents have access to modern contraception, and confidential testing and HIV treatment without parental consent and review the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act No. 10354 of 2012 accordingly.
  • Legalise abortion and ensure access to safe abortion and post-abortion care services for adolescent girls, making sure that their views are always heard and given due consideration as a part of the decision-making process, and develop and implement a policy to protect the rights of pregnant teenagers.

As a signatory to international human rights treaties including the UN CRC, the Philippine Government committed to ensure the fulfilment of sexual and reproductive health and rights of all especially of adolescents. 

The UN CRC Concluding Observation is a major win for adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health and rights in the country. Our solidarity and commitment to SRHR and children’s rights made all these possible. As SRHR, women’s rights and child rights advocates, we will continue to hold the government accountable to its commitments and monitor its implementation of the UN CRC recommendations and other human rights obligations.


  • Center for Reproductive Rights
  • EnGendeRights, Inc.
  • Family Planning Organization of the Philippines 
  • Filipino Freethinkers
  • ILAW Shared Community, Inc.
  • Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network 
  • Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns
  • Society of Trans Women of the Philippines
  • The Graciella Collective
  • Transman Equality and Awareness Movement
  • WomanHealth Philippines
  • Women’s Clinic Pilipinas
  • Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights
  • Young Advocates for SRHR
  • Youth for YOUth Organization

Where to Buy the Best Shapewear for Your Body Type?

It is a known fact that most women who want a little bit of extra support underneath their clothes often turn to smoothing undergarments like shapewear. They are the life-saver for women who want to show off some killer curves.  These shaping garments come in many different types and no two pieces are alike. What style will work best for you and your body depends on what you how much support you are looking for and what you are wearing it with.

The best tummy control shapewear is the one that can help to support and smooth the body while keeping you comfortable at all times. No matter what your body shape is, there is something for everyone. Below are some tips on what to look for when shopping for body shapers:-

  • Some women complaint about shapewear being too tight or constricting. This could be due to buying a smaller size for extra firmness. This is a wrong move because this will cause bulges and discomfort. Doing so will make the wearer look bigger. Therefore, just stick to your true size what you would choose for your clothes.
  • Opt for shapewear with medium level of compression for smoothing lines.  Heavier shapewear pieces that compress the body into shape are ideal for total figure transformation or worn during special occasions. Light compression shapewear is ideal for daily wear.

The Best Body Shaper You Can Find Online 

If you are looking to give your underwear drawer a bit of makeover or want to add a few more pieces of body shapers to your collection, well, you have come to the right place. There are many shapewear brands in the market today and one of the best online shapewear retailers that offers a wide range of quality shapewear that will enhance your body is Shapellx. Made with premium quality and breathable fabrics, this size-inclusive professional shapewear and manufacturer has a wide selection of body shapers that will smooth and sculpt while remaining seamless underneath your outfit. In order to help you make better choices, you can view the shapewear before and after photos of women who have been raving about Shapellx’s collection.  Check out the best body shapers from Shapellx below.

Firm Shaping High Waist Shorts

These firm sculpting shorts sit just below the bra and offer maximum control on the tummy, waist, bottom hips and thighs. They hug in all the right places and contour the rear naturally. It has five high quality steel bones to shape the waist into an hourglass shape. The lace hemline prevent no rolling up.

Open Bust Body Shaper

The open bust shapewear offers ultimate shaping with its triple layered midsection fabric control. It features an open bust design to make it easier to wear your own bra which flatters your chest.  This comfortable full body shaper will mold your torso and offers great coverage for your back. It will also sculpt your thighs and prevent the inner thighs from rubbing together. 

Waist Trainer With Double Belts

Sometimes you do not want to wear a full body shaper and only want shaping in the midsection. The perfect foundation garment is a waist trainer like this double belt piece. This corset-like latex waist trainer can be worn on a daily basis, during special occasions that need firm sculpting or during workout to boost fat burning on your core. It has an inner zipper closure to make it easy to wear and take off. The nine steel bones offer support and anti-rolling effect. 

Full Body Shaper 

This full body shaper will help to give you an hourglass shape by streamlining your look under your clothes. It has a double layer waistband to reduce muffin tops and give your tummy extra support. The adjustable shoulder straps allow flexibility and ensure comfort on the shoulders.

What Are the Common Types of Industrial Mixers?

When it comes to mixing processes, there are many different types of industrial mixers available. Horizontal mixers, ribbon mixers, rotor-stators, and emulsifiers are a few common types of industrial mixers. Let’s look at these different types to learn more about them. These industrial mixers are designed to blend and mix substances that are in liquid form.

Flux Pump Mixers

Horizontal mixers

Horizontal mixers are made of a long tube with a center shaft and paddles on either side. These paddles can have different shapes and configurations best suit the mixed material. These mixers are typically used for blending hard ingredients. However, they can also add large amounts of liquid materials. Horizontal mixers also feature various blade patterns and sizes. Some of the most common types are twin shaft mixers and horizontal-shaft industrial mixers Ontario.

Horizontal mixers are more efficient when mixing wet ingredients than dry ones. They are usually difficult to clean since sticky materials stick to the mixer blades. However, their low capital cost and ability to handle small batches make them attractive. Horizontal mixers also allow for the manual loading of materials. These mixers are especially advantageous when preparing feeds for animals. This mixing machine is also suitable for mixing feeds for small-scale on-farm operations.

Ribbon mixers

There are many different kinds of ribbon mixers on the market. Some are designed to mix solid materials, while others are more suitable for viscous materials. While ribbon mixers are generally easy to use, they are prone to wear and tear. In addition, some are too large for some applications, while others are undersized for a particular application. Listed below are some common problems with ribbon mixers. Read on to learn how to solve these issues and choose the right ribbon mixer for your specific needs.

The main characteristic of a ribbon mixer is its low mixing time, with the minimal product remaining inside. Ribbon mixers also have doors to prevent dust and debris from entering the mixing chamber. In addition, ribbon mixers are made of more substantial construction parts than standard mixers. Its cover also needs to be cone-shaped to withstand the vacuum pressure, preventing caking. Ribbon mixers are also suitable for blending powders, as the agitators are made of ribbons.


The role of the rotor-stator in industrial mixers has been studied in many cases. In the past, researchers have studied the effects of different rotor-stator heads on mixing performance. In this article, we discuss the difference between tangential and radial velocity profiles and show how they are affected by the flow number. Compared to batch mixers, industrial mixers are generally more efficient, even though the amount of energy consumed by the industrial mixer is more significant than in a conventional motor-driven system.

Different rotor-stator designs have other characteristics and are categorized based on the rotor-stator shape. For instance, a blade-designed rotor extends from the shaft to its periphery. Similarly, a teeth-designed rotor is shaped like a circular plate mounted on the rotor. These two designs differ in size and design and may use different types of stator screens.


Emulsions are produced by mixing liquids with solids. Often, these products are in the form of pastes. An emulsifier can make a paste from a wide range of ingredients. Moreover, this mixer has a double-stage rotor-stator assembly and horizontal construction. It can also be used for mincing, homogeneous mixing, and optimal powder dispersion. The emulsifier is used in products that must be stable, so it’s crucial to choose the right mixer for the job.

High-shear rotor/stator mixers are widely used for emulsification. These mixers provide high-shear characteristics by interacting with the stator, which may have vertical slots, round holes, or fine screens. When a product is mixed with a conventional rotor/stator mixer, the two phases of the emulsion are drawn into the mixing chamber and then expelled at high speeds through the stator’s openings. Mechanical and hydraulic shear reduces droplet sizes as the rotor/stator assembly passes the product through.