Medicinal Plant: Ulasimang Bato (Pansit-Pansitan)

pansit2b blur

We are actually growing Ulasimang bato in our front yard. I thought it was just an ordinary type of grass that should be weeded out until neighbors started requesting for them to “cure” certain ailments.

Here are the benefits of Pansit-pansitan according to the Department of Health.

pansit pansitan

Why should we worry about small wounds?

minor wound

Those seemingly innocent- looking wounds should not be ignored particularly if you got the wound from a firecracker burn or explosion. Time and again, government health officials are reminding the public to be wary of small wounds or scratch from a firecracker and fireworks that accidentally exploded. Small wounds can cause tetanus infection. The incubation…

Children’s Bedroom Tips that Pass the Test of Time


We all make a simple ‘mistake’ as mothers – we decorate our children’s bedroom in a way that guarantees that we will have to hugely redecorate it within a few years. Fellow young moms know what I’m talking about: pastel pinks for the baby girls, cartoon characters surrounding the walls, a set-up that is far…

More than the regular exercise

sleeping woman

our body needs rest. Without the proper rest or enough hours of sleep a day, we are doing a disservice to our body. It makes you feel sluggish and unable to think clearly and tend to have difficulty handling stress. Health experts have always said that a six to eight hours of sleep daily promotes…

How to cope with the holiday stress


Christmas season often brings a lot of stress / depression, so health experts have listed the following tips to make your holiday season worry-free. a. It is wise to plan all your personal activities and activities with your family. b. Be wary of common symptoms of illness. Consult with doctors for immediate treatment. c. Serve…