My type of music while working out


Music is an important factor while working out because of the mood it can set. Finding that right song that can get you pump up is all the difference you need to get a better workout. Doing exercises by yourself and without any music can be boring, sometimes you can even loose energy and interest but if you were to play a song that you love (probably a music via yamaha p-155) and always gets you moving, it will keep you inspired and willing to do more. The type of music you listen to depends on the exercise you do. But one kick ass song I recommend is Fort Minor’s ‘Remember the name’.

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Zika virus infographic

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Tips to make your child a yoga lover


Encourage your young one to exercise. Usually, an active child transforms into an exercise-loving adult. Being active together strengthens you and your child’s bond. The plethora of exercise options gives you and your child a bountiful of choices. Consider trying yoga because of its wide availability. A simple Groupon search lists a wide variety of…

How to Grow Taller the Natural Way


There are a lot of short people who tend to become disappointed with their height because they know that in the society that we live in right now, having more height is considered to be better. There may be some who just accept the fact that they are short but for some people, they do…

Surviving the Winter being active

Let’s make 2016 be that year we challenge ourselves and our behaviors. Have you started fulfilling New Year Resolution’s related to getting fit?  If you live in a cold weather state or plan on visiting one keep in mind it doesn’t take long to get frostbite. If you like to participate in cold weather sports…