Earthquake Safety Tips

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Survival Tips from Earthquake

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Vacation woes

girl playing guitar

Vacation will be over in a couple of weeks. I’m sure moms will hear lot complaints from their kids when they coaxed them to go to bed early. If you have older kids, you can make the remaining vacation days busy and worthwhile for them. If they are into music, visit website that supplies musical instruments,…

Tips to Improve Your Look for Spring


Spring is a time of year when most people feel fresh and ready to change their look. However, actually doing that is considerably harder than you might think. At least it is for some people. There are some things that you can do to change the way you look and feel though, and they don’t…

Warning signs of heat stroke

Our suking ice cream vendor doesn’t look well when he handed me the ice cream I bought from him the other day. He appeared slightly pale, perspiring and exhausted. I told him to take a rest in the shade of the mango tree in front of our house. He told me that he almost fainted…

No more milk tea for now

For fear of poisoning (story here), my daughter who loves milk tea will refrain from drinking one for now. Cases of food and beverage poisoning caused by bacterial contamination is particularly high during the summer months. We can avoid getting sick if we are wary of the food and water we take. We may also…