Something for the crew this Christmas

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Are you a generous boss? Are you willing to give cellphones, desktop, or a musical instrument like a weather king to your loyal and deserving employees this Christmas? Well, that would be the best thing to do if you’re an employer who cares for the welfare of your staff. By recognizing their effort, the more they will be inspired to give their best foot forward.

But an extra cash for a performance bonus apart from the 13th month pay would surely be appreciated by your loyal employees. Think about it. :)

Reasons to Earn a Master’s Degree in Nursing

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While nursing is already a great and in-demand field for those interested in the healthcare industry and in taking care of others, the industry offers more variety than you might currently be aware of. Have you already earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing? If so, you’ll certainly be doing yourself a favor by attending an…

Preparing for an operation

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After years of suffering from prolonged and heavy menstruation and failed hormonal therapy to manage my endometriosis and adenomyosis (and recently adenomyoma), I have decided to undergo the knife soon. According to my doctor, surgery or hysterectomy is the only viable solution to spare me of constant pain. The recommendation also came after my recent ultrasound showed…

Things you need to know about tetanus


Moms usually worry about small wounds their kids incur when playing inside or outside the home. Wounds become more worrisome if they become infected as they could harbor the tetanus infection. This infographic is very useful in teaching the public about tetanus and how to properly care for wounds. There are different wounds incurred from…


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Typhoons and heavy rains may cause flooding which, in turn, can potentially increase the transmission of communicable diseases. These include water-borne diseases (e.g., typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis, and hepatitis A); and vector-borne diseases (e.g., malaria, dengue). Climate change affects the increase in the intensity of typhoons. Water Make sure drinking water is from a safe…