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Department of Health addresses more pressing concerns of children vaccinated with dengue vaccine

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III today emphasized that the Department of Health is focused on the more important concerns of parents, teachers and local government units emanating from the administration of the dengue vaccine to more than 830,000 children which began in April 2016. “The DOH continues to refine our response and action plan in…

How Exercise Makes Our Bones Healthy

Bones are still living tissue and in order for new tissue to form to make the bones stronger, new exercises are needed. There are various types of exercises that are meant for different purposes. For example, there are some exercises that are meant to make people lose weight while there are also some that are…

DOH: 12 stress-buster tips

In this day and age, people deal with stress through different ways. Here’s a tip or two to help you beat stress everyday. SELF-AWARENESS develop a habit of paying attention to your expressions of thought, emotions, and behavior, knowing yourself, getting in touch with your feeling, or being open to experience, the more you know…

Finding the motivation to lose weight

When you see your old photos and thought of bringing back the motivation to lose weight. My daughter and I decided that we begin with baby steps that is to start with walking. We even bought similar sweat pants to motivate us. Well, the plan remains a plan up to this day. 😀