What You Need to Know About Cremation

No one wants to think about what will happen after they pass. However, it is a good idea to plan so that it’s one less decision for your family to make. When it comes to cremation Westchester IL residents should know a few things.


The cost of that cremation is going to be considerably more affordable than burial. However, the costs will vary based on the facility you go to as well as some of the different options that are available. For example, you may want to have the cremation done in conjunction with having a funeral so that family and friends can say goodbye. Otherwise, it may be possible to simply be cremated and happier ashes passed to a specific family member.

What to Do with the Ashes

There are a number of things that can be done with the ashes. Upon cremation, the ashes can be placed into an urn so that they can be displayed by a family member. The ashes can also be placed in a compartment within a columbarium, which is a place where a number of urns are placed. These are often on or near cemeteries. It is also possible for the remains to be placed inside of a bag and/or box so that they can be scattered in a location of your choosing.

Last Wishes

When you decide on cremation, it’s also a good idea to identify any other last wishes that you have. You may want to identify a specific protocol for what goes on at your funeral. You can choose to have a viewing or not. If you choose a viewing, cremation will, obviously, happen afterward. Otherwise, the cremation can take place earlier on. If you are planning for your own death, this is when you want to be specific about how you want your family or friends to handle your funeral as well as all of the other details, such as if you want your ashes scattered.

Planning for your own death is never easy. However, if you have specific desires regarding your cremation, there are a few things you will want to know and have written down so that your final requests are honored.

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